• Wednesday , 21 August 2019

What are the Best Uses of a Virtual Office?

As more people continue to work remotely, they require various solutions to the unique challenges of working from home. From lacking a proper business address to requiring clerical services, there are issues that arise from working at a home office, which is why many are using virtual offices to help bridge the gap.

A virtual office offers many of the benefits of renting an office but without a physical workspace. Businesses and employees can continue to work remotely while using various virtual office services to their advantage. In fact, there are many great ways to use a virtual office to your advantage!

Acquiring a Business Address

One of the best uses of a virtual office is the business address. While it may appear insignificant, the address of a business speaks volumes of the brand, highlighting how professional and credible a business simply by its address.

This is challenging for businesses that are based from a home, as giving out a home address doesn’t quite have the same impact as a professional business address. Best of all, you can apply for a virtual office anywhere in the country, meaning you could end up with a business address in the likes of London or Manchester.

Not only does this make the business look better, it also makes it easier to find and market, as you can print out this address on business cards and stationary, while being more visible on search engines.

Hiring a Virtual Receptionist

Another great use of a virtual office is hiring a virtual receptionist. An additional service available with most virtual offices, a virtual receptionist can further improve the professionalism of a company by answering all calls quickly and professionally.

You never need to miss calls or leads either, as the service is typically available 24/7, while you don’t need to worry about managing calls yourself or hiring someone in-house. Available for cost-effective prices, virtual receptionists are ideal for growing businesses wanting to provide an exceptional customer service.

Mail Delivery and Forwarding

Virtual offices may not provide you with an actual office space but they all operate from a physical location. This means you can have mail delivered to your address, which you can then collect or have forwarded to your home address.

It’s another convenient service that is well worth using to help better manage your business.

Hiring a Temporary Physical Space

Again, virtual offices operate from physical locations, typically in business centres in major cities, so there are physical spaces you can hire as needed. Temporary meeting rooms are a great use of virtual offices for those occasions where you want to meet with important clients or people within the company.

Furthermore, many virtual offices provide access to useful office equipment you may need to use, such as printers and computers, so you can use these additional services if needed.

This can be especially useful during massive projects or shareholder meetings where you need a temporary physical space without spending a fortune.

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