• Wednesday , 21 August 2019

Typhoid Crowdfunding

Typhoid is caused by an infection of Salmonella typhi. Symptoms of typhoid include fever, muscle aches, skin rashes etc. Typhoid generally spreads through contaminated food and water and can be treated with antibiotics. One antibiotic used to treat typhoid is Azithromycin. Previously, typhoid would be treated with Amoxicillin but it appears that many strains of the bacteria have become resistant to this antibiotic. Typical symptoms of typhoid are changing. Hence, a proper and thorough diagnosis of typhoid is necessary which might take some time. During this period, the patient needs proper healthcare and poor patients may find themselves unable to access that. What do we do then?

The easiest way is to reach out to other people to get help with funds. Typhoid does not usually involve a hospital stay but in some complicated cases, it might. Therefore, you will mostly not be able to access your medical insurance even if you have one. In such a case, you will need a short term crowdfunding project to help you get over typhoid expenses wise. This is where fundraising India comes in.

Online crowdfunding is popular as an alternative to medical insurance. Crowdfunding platforms like Impact Guru have raised 600 crores of rupees for various medical and social causes. Out of these medical crowdfunding is the most popular. So, what exactly happens when you choose crowdfunding? To put it simply, a lot of people come together and share the burden of finances. Remember all the people who collect money for various causes on the roads?

Yeah, that is crowdfunding-using the power of the crowd to do something worthwhile. Now, imagine that happening on an online platform. Voila! You get online crowdfunding. Online crowdfunding is simple and easy to handle. For example, it does not involve red tape and harassment that is such an integral part of offline money collection processes. You select your site, put up a fundraiser and go on collecting money using your internet connection.

Why Impact Guru? We have collected 600 crores of rupees in donations so far. We are obviously experienced in fundraising India. Not just that, we can collect money from fifteen countries. This will obviously broaden your range. You will not be limited to one kind of currency either. Our fundraiser is simple and easy to use and takes five minutes to set up. As soon as you have done that, our project manager will get in touch with you to try and discuss your target and strategize accordingly. The collected money is released quickly and sometimes it takes less than 48 hours. We think it takes longer for the client to really believe the joys of fundraising India.

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