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The best strategies for beginners

In that strategy – it is a necessity for any trader, we have already seen. However, how to choose, in a huge number of offered, for yourself it is the one that will bring and will come. This moment is very important for a beginner trader. An experienced player in the market has already tried out many of the strategies and determined for himself the best. It is difficult for a beginner to do, but there are several basic simple and understandable strategies:

  • «Three in a row»»» a row;
  • «Reverse»;
  • «Spring».

They are among the free strategies that will be easy to comprehend at the beginning. Further, it will be easier to understand the change in the market and try other strategies.

“Three in a row”

The strategy of “three in a row” – is a popular form of tracking changes in the market. Its basis is the three main indicators, which easily harmonize among themselves. They guarantee a high percentage of accurate signals for binary options, of course, if they are correctly applied. In addition, each of them is a good filter for each other, which reduces the risk of inaccuracy of the signal for each individual indicator. If inaccurate signals still detected, then we need to resort to another, more reliable indicator, which could determine inaccuracies and provide the correct information. I must say that even with the most reliable indicator, this can happen.

The strategy of “three in a row” is based on a few basic tools a trader – the intersection of sliding, strength of the trend and the oscillator indicator. Crossing the sliding signals helps to track the moment when the market works in one direction. The strength of the trend determines the relevance of the pair at the moment of trading, the oscillator helps to make technical analysis of the market. Its data can also show the direction of the price.


Strategies “Reverse” based on entrances and retracements of prices. Trade with a reliable for recent changes is a fairly risky business. Here little depends on the calculation. This trade is more like luck. “Reverse” is a strategy that will help determine exactly this volatile rollback point.

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Growth or a drop in prices – this is a standard situation in the wound. You probably noticed the waviness of the graph, this form is aimed precisely at this. The correction of the graph is due to the trend. When the chart has been moving in the same direction for a long time, it means that it is about to unfold. However, to catch luck is dangerous enough in this case. The trader’s task is to make bets as the trend moves. The top notations indicate a trend reversal, which allows you to enter the trade safely.


The operating principle of the strategy of “Spring” is very similar to “Reverse”. The trader is working to turn off the signals that the indicators are giving as the schedule changes. The only difference is that in this case, the trader is betting against the trend, counting on changing it.

These three strategies are easy to use and understandable in working with binary options. They are an ideal option for beginners.

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