• Monday , 22 July 2019

How to Treat your Best Staff Members and Keep Them on Board

Whether your business is a start-up organisation or a medium-sized concern with less than 100 employees, you will need to take care of the best employees. These are the team members who make the business click and work a profit for you and the business as a whole.

There have been many surveys performed that show a happy workforce with high morale is a productive outfit. A content working environment brings about profit. An intrinsic link exists between better production, a workforce with high morale and company profits.

Absenteeism is reduced, staff show more resilience and the ability to bounce back from failure is more evident. But what should employers do to show they really care and need to keep those key members at the helm?

Employees should be encouraged when they perform with diligence and speed. Workers need to feel recognised and appreciated when things have gone well. All too often, employers will say the employee is there to do a job and when they are doing it right, it is what they are getting paid for.

Team players are always an important factor within the company. If a workforce can get along with another and bounce ideas off each other, it will strengthen the team ethic.

Sports players and professional team members are also paid employees of a club. It is natural for a team coach to pat the player, who scores the winning goal, on the back; or to congratulate the goal keeper for saving a penalty kick and keeping the side in a promotion spot, so why not actively encourage this praise in the accounts department, architects office or the ward at the local health trust?

Employers can take employees out on team building exercises. Climb a very small mountain, go-kart racing or perhaps an exercise where individuals practice some sailing techniques on a local lake. White water rafting is a popular one as it encourages fun and bonding between the employees.

Businesses should also allow the topic of conversation to occasionally wander from the work subject. If a staff meeting is 100 per cent purely about work, it could lead the employees to get caught up in a dire situation of mundane shop talk that cries out for a few moments respite.

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