• Monday , 22 July 2019

How Businesses Ship Products at the Perfect Temperature

Often businesses have the need to ship items at very specific temperatures. Usually the pharmaceutical industry will move products, such as drugs and temperature-sensitive fluids or gases that can be ruined if exposed to an incorrect temperature.

The food industry is regularly one of the biggest users in transporting freight to move perishable foodstuffs from one end of the country to the other. Seafood like clams and oysters are regularly caught off the eastern coast of Scotland and shipped in ice to top restaurants in London. It is imperative the items arrive within 18 hours so restaurateurs can sell them as freshly caught.

Carriers need to be fully versed with the temperature sensitive products they are carrying. Often these products are worth a great deal of money and any delay or accident during transportation can result in thousands of pounds of damaged goods going to waste.

Businesses ship products using specialist courier services and temperature controlled packaging system companies like Softbox to solve the delicate task of transporting truckloads of goods in a climate controlled manner. This gives businesses many options to choose from, and a way where it can positively manage the company’s budget demands.

The benefits of partnering the business with climate control carrier experts is that they have an in-depth knowledge of many of the products they regularly freight. The carrier will have track and trace technology which allows businesses to monitor where their goods are and even what temperature the goods are currently at.

There are also a number of different methods in which the carrier uses to help transport temperature-sensitive goods. In some cases, large volumes of the product need to be shipped on pallets. The goods can remain on a pallet and well within a climate-controlled state, even when awaiting loading to the lorry.

Smaller goods that come in batches of thousands – such as vaccines used by the pharma industry – can be shipped by another method known as “pallet shippers”. This is ideally used for those loose and smaller products that are unsuitable to be delivered in another way because of cost-effective requirements.

Businesses ship products at the perfect temperature by working as a team with the specialist courier. Meetings will take place, requirements will be mapped out and instructions will be dealt out and these take place before any contract to ship temperature-sensitive goods goes ahead.

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