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Guide to Summit Equipment Rental

Whether you are a do-it-yourself home improvement renovator, or a licensed contractor, there comes a time when you need heavy-duty equipment that is required for important projects. Sometimes this equipment is only needed for a single use, and due to the expensive price tag associated with heavy-duty equipment, it is often best to rent this equipment. If you are looking for equipment rentals in Summit, IL, the following guide with assist you. 

Rental Equipment Types 

If you have a serious project and you are looking for heavy-duty equipment, you may be looking for something in the following categories: 

• Backhoes and Bobcats 
• Air compressors 
• Manlifts and scaffolding 
• Trenchers 
• Lighting 
• Welding equipment 
• Concrete tools 
• Worksite heaters 

Backhoes and Bobcats 

Base on the size, cost, and rare need for backhoes and Bobcats, these machines are ideal for rental. Backhoes and Bobcats, with extensions, can dig, grade, plow and much more. 

Air Compressors 

If you need to use pneumatic tools, a heavy-duty air compressor with sufficient air pressure is a must. This is why it is sensible to rent an air compressor and the pneumatic tools you need. 

Manlifts and Scaffolding

For those jobs that require workers work at greater heights, scaffolding and manlifts are designed to give you access to heights as high as fifty-five feet. 


Trenchers simplify trench digging—a typically labor-intensive process—with a unique piece of equipment that handles the task easily. Good rental companies will provide trenchers. 


High-powered construction lights are necessary for working at night. The lights can include light towers and construction barricades with lights. These lighting systems can get very expensive and renting these lights can save a bundle. 

Welding Equipment 

There often comes a time during a construction project that requires welding. Welding equipment varies in size and price and is available through most equipment rental companies. 

Concrete Tools 

Concrete work usually requires some costly, heavy equipment. Good equipment rental services usually offer concrete tools. This may include concrete planers and trowels that are either gas-powered or electric. 

Worksite Heater 

For those frigid construction sites, there is nothing better than a heavy-duty construction heater. These units rapidly heat the workspace. Heaters are usually available to rent by the day, week, or month. 

Other Rental Equipment 

Aside from the equipment we have outlined above, there are also other pieces that can be rented form equipment rental services. Some of these pieces are paint sprayers, power tools, ladders, saws, dollies, and more. 

Safety First 

Heavy-duty equipment use requires the utmost safety . Please make sure to follow all safety instructions when using rented equipment. This includes wearing proper footwear, protective eyewear, and earplugs when instructed. 

Local Rental 

If you are located in Summit, IL, and need to rent heavy-duty equipment, the above guide has provided you with general descriptions of what can typically be found in stock at a quality equipment rental service company. Some key factors you want to see in an equipment rental service are, being well-established and accepting major credit cards for payment.

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