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Essential Maintenance of Gas Installations: What You Need to Know

The maintenance of your gas installation is essential for your safety. Therefore, the gas regulations require that a series of maintenance operations be carried out on the gas installations and appliances, in order to prevent possible breakdowns.

To maintain maximum safety with regard to gas appliances, you should arrange a periodic inspection of your installation and gas appliances. This should be carried out by a registered and authorised gas engineer in London or a registered gas service company in your area if you are located outside the city.

Periodic inspection

The gas service company will inform you of the different aspects of the inspection. They will also be responsible for issuing a gas safety certificate and a report detailing the inspection.

Regular safety inspections will help you keep the gas installations and appliances of your home in optimal working condition, which is both more efficient and safer.


If you wish to make any modification or extension to your gas installation, you must contacta registered andauthorisedgas installer. The installer, once the work has been completed, must issue a certificate that reflects the modifications or extensions made.

If you are going to put more gas appliances in your house, it is advisable to check your gas tariff since it may be more economical to change to another rate, if possible, that is more appropriate for your new additional gas consumption.

Security advice

Safety tips to keep in mind if you want to keep your gas installation in perfect condition:

  • Do not block the vents – Where a gas appliance works there must be sufficient ventilation to allow proper combustion. Keep the ventilation grille in good condition. Under no circumstances should the ventilation conductors be obstructed.
  • Check the burners in the kitchen – In addition to being bluish, the flame must be kept on continually, without turning off, when we put the boiler on the minimum setting.
  • The flame must be bluish – The flame must be stable and of an intense blue colourin the nucleus and clearer on the outside. If it turns yellow, you should notify your gas technician, and ask them to inspect it.
  • Avoid spilling liquids – When cooking with gas, avoid spilling liquids that can extinguish the flame and ensure that the fire does not exceed the bottom of the cooking pot, pan, etc. In addition to saving energy, you will prevent the gas from exiting without burning.
  • If you smell gas – Open all windows immediately. Do not turn on/off any light switches. Do not light matches or lighters. Close the gas valves. The valve is closed when itforms a cross shape with the pipe. Do not hesitate to call an emergency gas service.
  • Close all gas valves – If you are going to be absent from home for a while, close all the gas valves, basically the gas stopcock.
  • Check your gas installation – Ensure that your gas installation and equipment are checked periodically to ensure proper functioning, and safety.
  • Monitor the condition of fittings – The flexible gas inlet hose to an appliance must be securely fastened by clamps at both ends.

If you detect any anomaly, do not hesitate to notify an authorisedgas services company to correct it as soon as possible.

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