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Dr. Andy Khawaja – Reached Top Position Due To Hard Work From The Bottom Level

Dr. Andy Khawaja, Founder & CEO of Allied Wallet, is a world-renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist. As a result of his contributions and deep involvement in technology, economic growth, and finance, he has appeared in about 100 publications for being the expert and leader in the field. Some of the periodicals Dr. Khawaja has been featured include Time Magazine, Digital Transactions, Forbes, Finance Monthly Global, Fortune, Sunday Telegraph, Start Your Business, Wired Magazine, and Guardian.

Andy – One Who Was Never Satisfied with Mediocrity

Dr. Khawaja was inspired by a myriad of business people, especially when approaching e-commerce needs and processes. He always works towards his goal of accommodating the international and domestic market at a worldwide level. When he started Allied Wallet, he barely had a dollar to his name, and lack of money was not the only problem he encountered. Some said his vision was too big, others doubted how he as an individual could do anything. But he never gave up; he saw a need an opportunity, and he wanted to be the one to fulfill it.  He struggled hard for five years to start a company and finally persevered to see his vision for secure global, instantaneous financial transactions.

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Being born with an entrepreneurial spirit, he approaches every project by first developing objectives, innovating the status quo, succeeding all the way, and always give back to the community, business start-ups, and entrepreneurs in the making. He is very persistent and he takes everything as a challenge to work on. He always goes beyond the peak limit to accomplish the best thing for his company. He knows that to be a good leader is to be a good listener and find inspiration from many other people. He is not only an accomplished leader, rather he is also dedicated contributor to global societies and success.  He firmly believes that we are all global citizens, and it is each individual’s duty to make the world a better place. Furthermore, he does not believe that people should be limited to only one field or industry. Dr. Khawaja is not only a forefather of financial technology, rather, he has contributed to a better environment for the upcoming generations through mentorships, donations to charities, and taking an active role in bettering the future.

Staying Motivated And Focused

Staying concentrated and focused long-term is considered as considerable challenge for several people when they move on their career. How some people like Dr. Andy Khawaja fight through the pull of slowing down is to stay internally motivated about what interests and lights a fire in his heart and not focus on his circumstances.  His deep passion towards his work makes him stay motivated. He also finds his motivation from helping and seeing others’ success. His passion for hard and smart work, education, and business development has never stopped, and continually fuel his drive for success.

When thinking about the future, Dr. Khawaja describes that he wants to make his team work with him to get good results for the company – there needs to be buy-in with every member of the team in order for the project to be a success. Half-hearted buy-in means half-hearted success. Due to his hard work and dedication, the Allied Wallet has realized rapid growth and was named as one of the “Fasted Growing Private Companies” by LA Business Journal and INC Magazine. Dr. Khawaja has taken part in several live interviews with other leaders like Larry King and has received accolades for his contributions and achievements. Dr. Khawaja firmly believes that even a small dream with a little bit of motivation and a lot of hard work can lead to a multi-billion company in the future.

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