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Car Shipping–What to Know

Shipping a car when moving is not something that is done by everyone but if the move is going to be a distance that is not worth driving or because no household contents will be moved but instead the person will be flying to the new location this could be a perfect option. In some cases it can be because the move will be a great distance and the person owns more than one vehicle. There are some things to know about shipping a car.

Documents Necessary for Shipping a Car

It makes sense that documentation of ownership will be necessary to provide to the auto shipper. These documents that may be necessary may include:

  • The original title or registration if the vehicle is not paid off. The title if held should have no lien holder listed. If there is a lien holder then there must be written documentation that is certified providing permission to transport the Personal Contract Hire BMW 3 Series.
  • Proof of auto insurance will be required for the vehicle being transported with some exceptions possible if it is a type of vehicle such as antique vehicle that is being redone to original condition but not completed and not drivable on the road.
  • The person shipping their vehicle will be required to provide photo identification or a passport that is valid.
  • Proof the sales tax were paid when the vehicle was bought will be necessary to provide
  • If bought from a personal owner a notarized bill of sale.

    Preparing a Vehicle for Shipping

    When getting a vehicle ready to ship with car moving companies, it should be clean inside and out. The inside should be vacuumed since the car will be closed up for an extended amount of time. Any personal items inside of the car should be removed prior to shipping and the alarm should be disabled. If the vehicle has an aftermarket GPS system that can be removed it should be taken out of the car. Tools and emergency kits should be removed and if the stereo is aftermarket and not in the dash it should also be taken out. The antenna if it does not retract should be taken off so it does not break during shipping or cause damage to the vehicle.

    Arrival at the New Location

    Once the vehicle that has been shipped arrives at the new location it will be important to check it out thoroughly to ensure there has been no damage during transport. If there is it should be immediately documented, and photos taken of any damage while the transport company is still there if possible. After this the vehicle of course will need to be registered and licensed in the new location and any import taxes paid for bringing a vehicle into another state or country.

    Having the proper documentation and preparing a vehicle for shipping can be done beforehand and make it an easy process to get a vehicle from one location to another without the added stress of wondering how to make the move or worry about selling a car when it is time to move and hoping it does before having to do the move.

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