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A Video Producer’s Guide to DVD Duplication

Whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker or produce videos as part of your line of work, if you’re wanting to distribute a video, then you need to know the basics of DVD duplication.

What is DVD Duplication?

DVD duplication is the process of taking your video data from a master DVD and copying it onto multiple blank discs.

People often get this confused with DVD replication, which although very similar, is a different process.

Replication is generally used for higher volumes of discs, where the discs are essentially created from scratch with the data already on them.

On the other hand, duplication takes blank, recordable discs and burns the information into them with a laser and is essentially a larger scale version of burning a disc using a home computer.

According to VDC Group (an official partner of Sony DADC), DVD replication is usually only necessary for runs of over 500 discs, while those of under 500 should use duplication.

Can I Do It Myself?

Of course, you can purchase your own DVD duplicator, but for a novice, this isn’t recommended.

Not only can these devices be very costly, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, it can be a slow process with each disc having to be written one by one.

Instead, your best bet is to use a professional DVD duplication service, which will allow you to have hundreds or even thousands of copies of your DVD made, all for a relatively low price.

Why Use the Professionals?

Using a professional duplication service is a much safer option than attempting the duplication yourself, as you can be guaranteed that not only will you receive a professional level of service, but you’ll also get a quick turnaround, with your DVDs usually ready in just a couple of days.

Duplication services have access to all of the latest technology to produce your DVD to the

highest quality and in a much quicker time than you would be to do so yourself.

Usually, a laser recorder will be used to add your video files to the disc, which usually takes a couple of minutes, depending on the file sizes.

They also will know exactly which type of discs to use, which is something you might not have considered as there are many different types of recordable DVD.

Not only this, but the company will also take care of all the necessary packaging for your DVD, whether this is a simple card wallet or jewel case, or a full DVD case, to ensure that your DVDs are ready to be distributed as soon as they arrive with you.

However, to ensure that the process runs as quickly and smoothly as possible, it’s important that you have all of the artwork for the packaging and disc itself ready to go.

DVD duplication can also be very cost-effective, especially when you’re working in higher numbers too, with each disc costing about a pound to produce.

However, the main reason to choose a professional duplication service is the level of quality.

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