• Monday , 22 July 2019

A step by step guide to get yourself registered a seller on Amazon

Marketing plays a vital role ingrowth of turnover of any business across the world. A number of small business owners with negligible turnover have been able to increased their turnover multi-fold times simply by placing an effective online marketing strategy in place. One of biggest e-commercegiant Amazon is the place where you can sell your products online with ease.

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However, if you are looking to selling on Amazon for beginners then a number of question might come to your mind about the steps involved in starting the business of online selling. There are basicallytwo types of plans which a seller should opt for initially one is the individual seller planwhich is suitable for vendors who are expecting sales volume to be less than 40 order per month. In this there is flat fee of 0.99 dollars for every successful sale that would be carried out from the platform.However, in case you are confident of selling more than 40 products per month then you should go for Pro Merchant plan which has a fixed monthly fee of 39.99 dollars. Ecom Income Blueprint is an effective for increasing your online sales through different marketing strategies.

However, if you are not confident about the number of shipments that you will be generating from online sales then you should grow with basic plan that is the individual seller plan. So if you are stillpuzzled about the process to start selling online they you should stop thinking much about it and visitthe official website of the company to get registered yourself as a seller. The procedure is very hassle as you need to fill up all the details about the products that you will be selling and other relevant details. Once you get yourself successfully registered then you need to select a plan after which you will be provided with the basic selling tools.

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