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A guide to Spider Lift Hire

  • What is a spider lift?

No surprise, its name comes from its design. A spider lift is an incredible versatile vehicle equipped, usually, with a telescopic arm, manoeuvrable platform plus extra stabilising support legs.

This ensures that the vehicle is extremely stable and able to reach alcoves and clefts that other lifts could not.

Furthermore, a spider lift can easily traverse most types of terrain, from ‘bomb-sites’ to bogs.

The spider lift is a specialist piece of kit, probably not required by most contractors on a daily bases, but, nevertheless, invaluable when the need arises. Hence, the reason why it makes sense to use spider lift hire, rather than buy one!

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  • Where to find a reputable spider lift hiring company

First off, it’s a case of horses for courses, you will need to find a company with the right lift to cope with your particular circumstances.

Therefore, upon your internet browse, find a company with a multitude of lift options; a specialist company.

Other factors to consider before choosing a hire company;

  1. Apart from choice, has the company good quality, well maintained vehicles?
  2. Is the company ‘well-established’ with positive reviews and recommendations?
  3. Do they have a decent, easy to navigate website with comprehensive illustrations of their fleet?
  4. Can they be easily contacted, via helpline preferably, or email?
  5. Do they offer on-site assistance and advice?
  6. Are their staff friendly, helpful and knowledgeable?

Of course the easiest way to find a suitable company that ticks all the right boxes is to start with a recommendation! So here’s one that’ll save you a lot of search time and anxiety …

  • Higher Access, the Spider Lift Hire Specialists

Higher Access operate throughout the UK.

Higher Access has an impeccable trading records and an unbelievable assembly of spider lifts. If they haven’t got it, then it hasn’t been made!

Just check out their vast range of spider lift options online. A beautifully presented website with countless professionally produced photographs and an abundance of information.

This is a company that uses their own fully trained staff, no subcontracting whatsoever. Qualified, knowledgeable operatives and a helpful attitude makes them the no-brainer first-stop hire company.

Give them a ring, or fill out the enquiry boxes, to discuss your requirements. Should there be any uncertainty as to which spider lift is best suited then a site inspection can be arrange.

As for all the ‘small print’ legal, health and safety issues etc. You’ll be in safe hands; Higher Access know the ropes. Their terms and conditions are clearly stated and explained, with no extra small print to trip you up.

Higher Access employ a reassuring ethically sound policy that puts customer care and satisfaction at the top of the list.

  • In conclusion

Let Higher Access remove all the hassle! They are a sound, reliable company with spider lift equipment to cope with the toughest or the deftest of situations.

You’ll end up with the right lift for the right job at the right price.

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